Dr. Sanjay Juneja

President of New Business

Sanjay Juneja

Dr. Sanjay Juneja is a triple board certified Hematologist & Medical Oncologist serving as Chief of Oncology Service at Baton Rouge General Hospital, a social & news media personality known as the ‘TheOncDoc’ with over half a million followers, and one of fifteen social media doctors appointed by the White House serving on their Healthcare Leaders in Social Media Round Table.

He hosts an innovative podcast called ‘Target: Cancer’ with reknown guests around the country, and has been featured by The Washington Post as well as dozens of national podcasts and regional news channels (PBS, CBS, NBC, NPR), and given keynote speeches and partnered with American Cancer Society, BeTheMatch, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Harvard University, Louisiana Department of Health and several others.

He is a Business Report’s 40 under 40 recipient from his hometown of Baton Rouge, where he returned after his medical training with his wife and three kids, and passionately believes that with health education comes empowerment and confidence.